After an accident, the last thing you really want to focus on is managing your insurance claim. We can help you put together your claim, and can work with all major insurers.

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A major crash can warp your vehicle’s chassis, which makes driving your vehicle unsafe at best and impossible at worst. Our top of the line Car-O-Liner chassis measurement and alignment equipment can bring your vehicle’s body back into manufacturer-standard shape, ensuring you can drive your vehicle away safely. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our team of experienced technicians and tradespeople will work on your vehicle’s damaged panels piece by piece, restoring the smooth lines of your vehicle, before our trained staff reattach your vehicle’s panels with our spot and inverter welders. If you’re in need of some panel work, contact us today.

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If your vehicle’s in need of a new coat of paint, our Phoenix paint colour matching software and extensive range of Spies Hecker water-borne paints will ensure as close as possible a match to your existing paintwork, while meeting strict Australian road standards. Contact us today to find out more about our paint services.

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Your vehicle will be spray painted in our fully ventilated spray painting booth and bake oven with Spies Hecker water-borne paints, for less waste, a more even coat and quicker drying time. Find out more about our vehicle painting services by contacting us today.

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Windscreen Replacement

We’re also able to repair windscreen damage from chips and stones, or fit a replacement windscreen in the case of unsalvageable damage. Contact us today to make a booking for your vehicle.

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